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D.I.V.O.R.C.E ? That’s right we said it… I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear considering this is supposed to be a blog promoting healthy marriages. But after 30 years of marriage and after witnessing countless other marriages, we realize this is the only way to be happy. Oh and by the way, this […]

“Plot Twist” By Erie Catiz

In real life “plot twists” don’t always feel good. Maybe it’s because in general human beings view plot twist as unexpected changes that are bit scary since we can’t prepare for them in advance. If you have ever said the words: “I hate surprises” then you know exactly what I am talking about because a […]

Marriage: DON’T DO IT!

Summer is here, at least for most of the country, us Chicagoans anxiously awaiting July and August, our only two truly warm months. But I digress, and that’s another blog. Let me get back on point. Summer is here, and with it, “Summer Love” and “Summer Weddings” abound. And for all those considering jumping the […]