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The Art of Manipulation: Gas Lighting and Domestic Violence

The late comedian Richard Pryor once joked about his wife walking in on him having sex with another woman and his attempt to convince her that she was not seeing the situation accurately: “Who are you going to believe”, he asked hoping to confuse her, “me — or your lying eyes?”   While it was just a […]

Staycations Are The New Vacations for Couples

Let’s set the scenario: Kids are back in school. You spent the whole summer focusing on the kids and not so much on yourself and your relationship. Every year we say, “Next year I’m doing an adult only vacation,” but those with kids know that’s not always possible. So why not move to the next […]


According the Huffington Post, CNBC, and the American Psychological Association money and the arguments about money are the number one reason for extremely stressful relationships  as well as divorce in this country. This is attributed to the different ways that individuals approach and value money or in other words, you could be “bumping heads” in […]

Tammy Miller’s Bio

  Tamara  Stanford-Miller is a multiple business owner entrepreneur. She enjoys being married and a mother of two children as well as a grandmother of five. Tamara has been a full time tax advisor and business owner for over 20 years and has built a successful client base of over 600 clients. Her clients include […]

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Determined After Divorce

“At first I was afraid I was petrified Kept thinking I could never live Without you by my side But then I spent so many nights Thinking how you did me wrong And I grew strong And I learned how to get along!” Recognize these hit song “I Will Survive” lyrics? Well they applied to […]

Much To Do About “Noggin”

Much to do about Eggnog By David Blackmon It’s the holidays!!! One of my favorite holiday traditions is enjoying a nice cold cup of eggnog. Yes eggnog, the popular drink that is usually associated with winter celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. It is to me what the holidays are all about. Here […]

Calendar Spotlight  S.Johnson  Defender Contributor On Sunday, November 8, 2015, WIFE KOUTURE and Anointed Wives Ministry hosted their Women’s Health and Wellness Fair. Various wellness activities such as heart health screenings, immunizations, and wellness consultations were offered. This was followed by an integrated round table topic discussions led by an expert panel of doctors, pharmacists, […]


HIS VIEW “I now pronounce you Husband and Wife”! As you hear these last few words on the altar of your wedding day, you are at the happiest place (or at least should be) with your spouse. So the question becomes: How do I keep this feeling and make this covenant work hence” How to […]

What Does “Vacation” Mean To You??

Yesterday while sitting in the dentist office I notice the lady beside me picking up a travel magazine. She looked at me and stated something that caught my attention. “There is something about being on vacation that just puts my mind at ease.” As we all know that is such a true statement. My question […]