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Postpartum Depression: “Who Knew” ??

One day I was reading how Andrea Yates, a wife and mother of five, ¬†drowned her five children in a bathtub after recently giving birth to her baby girl. She was convicted of first degree murder after pleading innocent by reason of insanity, which was rejected by the jury. Four years later her conviction was […]

“Who Cares About the Caregivers”

The other day I had a candid conversation with a very good girlfriend whom I am always praising and thanking God for placing her in my life. She is a full time medical professional, a widowed single mother of two young teenagers, and cares for her ailing live-in mother-in-law who is currently suffering from kidney […]

Five Essentials for a Well-Balanced Life

The desire to have a well-balanced and successful life is the norm for most people. We are continually searching for a manageable routine to handle our jobs, and home life. This search leads us to time management, the essential key to achieving those norms. Finding the time to satisfy important deadlines at work, run our […]