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My Easter Eats

My Easter Eats By Chef David Blackmon “I have so many fond food memories of dining on these dishes on Easter Sunday. It is indeed a blessing to share them with you to enjoy with your friends and family.” Classic Seven Layer Salad 6 cups chopped romaine lettuce salt and pepper 6 hard-cooked eggs, sliced […]

Much To Do About “Noggin”

Much to do about Eggnog By David Blackmon It’s the holidays!!! One of my favorite holiday traditions is enjoying a nice cold cup of eggnog. Yes eggnog, the popular drink that is usually associated with winter celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. It is to me what the holidays are all about. Here […]

Enjoying My Last Taste of Summer

Sorry people, I am not ready to give up on one of my summer foods yet. For me that one summer food is heirloom tomatoes. An heirloom tomato is generally considered to be a variety that has been passed down, through several generations of a family because of its valued characteristics. Since “heirloom” varieties have […]


So lesson learned from my Father’s Day BBQ. Yours truly did not have anything to snack on. My father made that observation and let me know it the whole day. So don’t have your guest waiting while you finish glazing some glossy bark on your ribs. Here are a few BBQ appetizers ideas and recipes […]

Put This In Your Grill and SMOKE IT!

We are kicking off Father’s Day and to me nothing celebrates the more than a good hot grill. A nice start to your journey of becoming your family’s pit master is learning how to smoke food on your grill. Choosing the right type of smoking wood is an important decision you make each time you […]