Staycations Are The New Vacations for Couples

Staycations Are The New Vacations for Couples

Let’s set the scenario: Kids are back in school. You spent the whole summer focusing on the kids and not so much on yourself and your relationship. Every year we say, “Next year I’m doing an adult only vacation,” but those with kids know that’s not always possible. So why not move to the next best thing………..a STAYCATION.

On a Staycation, you typically stay home and participate in leisure activities within driving distance. You get to sleep in your own bed at night. You take day trips to local tourist sites such as swimming venues, or engage in fun activities such as horseback riding, zip lining, jet skiing, paintball, hiking or visiting museums. Ever wanted to try a restaurant but didn’t have the time or finances? One of the biggest perks of a staycation is now you have the flexibility and the opportunity to splurge, just like you would on a traditional vacation!

You can even take that staycation to the next level by making your next vacation an ADULT staycation. Book your weekend stay at your favorite downtown hotel. Check out the local night life and join in on the bar hop festivities, go ahead and toast to the kid free weekend. Better yet stop by an adult XXX store and purchase some adult cards or board games such as (the Kama Sutra Game, or one of my favorites J Twister for Lovers) great adult indoor activities. Spice up the weekend by exploring each other without any interruptions. Don’t forget your mate’s favorite color lingerie…that’s always a welcomed mainstay or bonus!

Staycations can be really fun and worth it, remember you are the boss of your staycation, so do everything you would do on a typical vacation and then some.

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