According the Huffington Post, CNBC, and the American Psychological Association money and the arguments about money are the number one reason for extremely stressful relationships  as well as divorce in this country. This is attributed to the different ways that individuals approach and value money or in other words, you could be “bumping heads” in your relationship/marriage because of your MONEY MINDSET. Financial stress also takes a huge toll on your physical health and spiritual well being.

We have assembled an panel of financial literacy experts in various fields with a mission to save your life, relationship, and your marriage! We are not delivering the “Get Rich Quick Schemes” or the typical canned messages you’ve already heard ……..they never work longterm anyway.  We have noticed that if you follow the recommendations from our experienced panel, then you will know how to destroy your debt, protect you and your precious assets,  generate financial wealth for you and your family, and systematically become a financial success story even when your spouse predeceases you.

Financial Literacy is about giving you the tools you need to stop being a slave to your creditors so that you can start to experience firm financial freedom. We also provide education on protecting yourself and your assets from the many “unknowns” you may encounter and teach you tips that the government doesn’t want everyone to know about being prepared before you file your taxes. Ignorance does not mean that you aren’t intelligent….it simply means you just didn’t know!

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