Happy Husband’s Day (Husband’s Appreciation Day)

Happy Husband’s Day (Husband’s Appreciation Day)

No one knows when this phenomenal tradition began nor is there an official record of who is responsible for bringing this day into observance. What we do know is that Husband’s Appreciation Day is always recognized and celebrated on the third Saturday in April and it is a day for wives to honor their husbands by showing their appreciation and love for them in different ways.

The beautiful wives of WIFE KOUTURE wanted to exclusively celebrate their husbands on this day because we realize that our husbands honestly do not have a day in which their unconditional love, undying protection, and never-ending commitment to our happiness is recognized, promoted, or even appreciated. Furthermore, it is no secret that many wives unconsciously take all of these amazing attributes of their husbands for granted. Every husband is not a father so the the traditional Father’s Day recognized in June would not include these husbands. Valentine’s Day (and Sweetest Day) ended up being just more days to spoil lovers (regardless of marital status)  in certain regions with flowers, greeting cards, and candy.

I intentionally changed the name of Husband’s Appreciation Day slightly to Happy Husband’s Day to loose that “corporate feel” the official title has and in part our husband’s happiness is derived from our happiness as wives. The following is a sneak peak into our celebration day of our kings.

We spent the entire day just focusing on their happiness for once. We held an intimate invite-only event at one of the new and upscale hotels in Chicago. The event started with an elegantly decorated champagne brunch prepared and presented by one of my favorite head chefs. The lamb chops and shrimp with creamy grits were amazing! We crowned our husbands and honored them with words of encouragement and praise during brunch. Emotions poured out during this part of the event.  Next the husbands were invited to participate in the men-only spa services offered by a traveling day spa that provided services such as facials, manicures, (much needed) pedicures, and deep tissue massages. All of the services were provide on site and the men absolutely love it! Did I mention these kings still wore their crowns and watched their wives on a projector screen dedicate video presentations of appreciation that were previously recorded and streamlined.  Lastly the wives took their husbands shopping with vendors that offered products only for men such as custom tailored suits, shirts, shoes, belts, cigars, and more. All of the husbands walked away with these Happy Husband’s Day certificates and coupons to redeem from their wives for ANY wish they made.

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The husbands not only had a great time, they also formed memorable bonds with other husbands that were in attendance. My husband is still talking about this event weeks later and they all want this day to become an annual event.


 Written by Lerin Wooten, Founder of WIFE KOUTURE


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