A New Year, A New You: Out with the Old. In with the New

A New Year, A New You: Out with the Old. In with the New

It’s a new year and one of your resolutions may be to renew your wardrobe. To accomplish this New Year resolution you can start by reorganizing your closet. Get rid of clothing you haven’t worn in a year. Purchase colorful tape and stick it on your hangers to make the task easier for next year. Take the tape off the hanger when you wear an outfit and at the end of the year donate those clothes that still have the colorful tape on the hangers. Look through your wardrobe. Clothing that have permanent stains and are damaged beyond repair, toss it because Goodwill doesn’t even want it! This may sound a little strange, but some clothing can carry bad energy. Clothing that is dingy, itchy, and make you feel self conscious in any way will affect your ebullience. Get rid of it!!! I personally never wear an outfit again that I’ve worn to a funeral because it takes me back to that moment and puts me in a melancholy mood.

Alrighty then, so that was out with the old. Now let’s discuss the new wardrobe. Think about how you want to be perceived and who you want to emulate this year. It could be a well dressed friend, or a celebrity. Don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your wardrobe. Trust me when I tell you that pop colors are what’s in this year. Color can be added with accessories such as purses, belts, scarves, shoes, jewelry, etc. Even though wardrobe essentials are usually classic and don’t go out of style, they may begin to look too worn. So make sure you update your wardrobe essentials sporadically.

The following is a list comprised of wardrobe necessities. Black, white and neutrals are usually the basic colors  you can easily build a new look from.
10 Wardrobe Essentials
*Pencil Skirt
*White button down shirt/blouse
*Black stilletto/dress shoe
*Nude stilletto/dress shoe
*Briefcase or Tote
*Leather Jacket
*LBD Little Black Dress/ Black Suit
*Black slacks


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