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On Sunday, November 8, 2015, WIFE KOUTURE and Anointed Wives Ministry hosted their Women’s Health and Wellness Fair. Various wellness activities such as heart health screenings, immunizations, and wellness consultations were offered. This was followed by an integrated round table topic discussions led by an expert panel of doctors, pharmacists, registered dieticians, clinical counselors, personal trainers and naturopaths. Did I mention that the interactive fitness demonstrations were amazing! Also available were vendors specializing in healthy eating, herbal teas, skin care and aromatherapy. Expert authors were also on hand to discuss stress management, menopause and the aging process. This was a “can’t miss event” for any women interesting in improving and maintaining their health and wellness.

“We want women to take CHARGE of their health!” We want women to take the opportunity to learn and expose themselves to something new. We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for women to feel comfortable asking the questions they have always been afraid to ask regarding their health such as relationships, menopause, undue stress, weight loss, sexual/vaginal health, medication and natural remedies, and so much more. Our panel of doctors, pharmacists, personal trainers, naturopaths, and clinical counselors all work in tandem to provide the best and current health information to all attendees. At the end of the event women will be able to develop and strengthen their healthcare goals as well as move forward with confidence, prayer, and a better understanding of how to achieve optimal health.”
— Lerin Wooten, Owner WIFE KOUTURE


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