Monthly Archives: December 2015

“Who Cares About the Caregivers”

The other day I had a candid conversation with a very good girlfriend whom I am always praising and thanking God for placing her in my life. She is a full time medical professional, a widowed single mother of two young teenagers, and cares for her ailing live-in mother-in-law who is currently suffering from kidney […]

Much To Do About “Noggin”

Much to do about Eggnog By David Blackmon It’s the holidays!!! One of my favorite holiday traditions is enjoying a nice cold cup of eggnog. Yes eggnog, the popular drink that is usually associated with winter celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. It is to me what the holidays are all about. Here […]

Calendar Spotlight  S.Johnson  Defender Contributor On Sunday, November 8, 2015, WIFE KOUTURE and Anointed Wives Ministry hosted their Women’s Health and Wellness Fair. Various wellness activities such as heart health screenings, immunizations, and wellness consultations were offered. This was followed by an integrated round table topic discussions led by an expert panel of doctors, pharmacists, […]

10 Personal Decisions To Live By

The common good and the quality of our life together will finally be determined by the personal decisions we all make. The “commons” — those places where we come together as neighbors and citizens to share public space — will never be better than the quality of human life, or the human flourishing, in our […]