What Does “Vacation” Mean To You??

What Does “Vacation” Mean To You??

Yesterday while sitting in the dentist office I notice the lady beside me picking up a travel magazine. She looked at me and stated something that caught my attention. “There is something about being on vacation that just puts my mind at ease.” As we all know that is such a true statement. My question to you is “What does the word “vacation” mean to you? According to Webster’s dictionary a vacation is a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel. After reading and understanding the definition, I asked myself what does the word vacation mean to me and what can a good time away from my home and business do for me and my significant other.

I began to day dream about places I would love to go and experience with my significant other. After daydreaming I had to pick up the phone and call one of my married girlfriends and I asked her why is it important for you and your husband to take a vacation?  Her response was exactly what I was looking for. She said, “We take a vacation once a year without the kids because you need that break. We are able to sit and talk without interruptions, we are able to date again, and just focus on one another.” And with that being said I agree, for me when I’m on vacation with my significant other I found out that we often do things on vacation, that we normally otherwise wouldn’t do. The pride you’ll feel after having tried something new together gives yourself and your relationship a boost. My relationship seems to grow on vacation in a way that it doesn’t grow at home. Having that time to just relax and communicate, and exploring new ideas is needed to keep any relationship going. I once read that vacations provide lots of opportunities for relationship growth, and memories. The bottom line is that traveling lets you de-stress and get back to the basics of enjoying each other and all of the good things life has to offer. Now ask yourself : What does the word “Vacation” mean to you?
Velvet Mckinley
Independent Agent


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    Hi, Velvet. What an awesome and inspiring story. What does vacation mean to me? Freedom to be stress-free. The opportunity to experience and see that I’m not able to see because of mundane existences. I have only known you for a short time, but I am thankful that I have met you. You inspire me to want more out of my business and your story is an encouragement that one day that significant other will come. Lol But in the meantime I must build my business to achieve what it is I want to accomplish with my business and that is changing lives and households. Continue inspiring others, it is definitely your gift.

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