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HIS VIEW “I now pronounce you Husband and Wife”! As you hear these last few words on the altar of your wedding day, you are at the happiest place (or at least should be) with your spouse. So the question becomes: How do I keep this feeling and make this covenant work hence” How to […]

What Does “Vacation” Mean To You??

Yesterday while sitting in the dentist office I notice the lady beside me picking up a travel magazine. She looked at me and stated something that caught my attention. “There is something about being on vacation that just puts my mind at ease.” As we all know that is such a true statement. My question […]

My name is Velvet McKinley and I’m a college graduate with an MBA in Healthcare Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. However, the past three years I have spent my time working as a successful independent travel agent.  I realize since then that I have found my new calling. Traveling has helped me with my own […]

A Toast to Women, Wives and WELLNESS

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