“A Toast to Women, Wives, and Wellness”

“A Toast to Women, Wives, and Wellness”

You may have many questions/concerns about the present and future of your health status as a woman. Questions often emerge such as how to establish a good rapport with a trusted physician, how to safely manage a complicated medication regimen, and when to utilize and evaluate only non-bias, legitimate, and reliable sources of information regarding your medication, condition, and other aspects of your health. According to a study performed by Harvard University, women are considered to be the healthier sex and live on average five years longer than their male counterparts. However, the CDC often reports death rates, chronic disease states, and disability among African American and Hispanic women as being significantly higher than any other race of women….. WHY IS THAT??


Answer that question by joining us on Sunday, November 8th, as Wife Kouture and Anointed Wives Ministry join together to proudly present to you “ A Toast to Women, Wives, and Wellness”. We know that over 70% of all healthcare cost stem from “preventable diseases” in women. This is why we are offering various health screenings such has blood pressure, glucose, BMI, heart health,  and much more. We will also have a fitness expert perform a fun and interactive fitness demonstration that will engage all attendees to show us how to stay fit on stringent time constraints. There will be many round table topics that focus on work-life integration, menopause/perimenopause, sexual health, vaginal health, developing healthy eating habits on a budget, and applying healthy lifestyles that enhance personal growth and promote less stress. The round table panel consist of healthcare professionals with years of experience and expertise in their respective fields. The panel consist of doctors, pharmacists, registered dietician, certified personal trainer, and a licensed clinical professional counselor. The panel will gladly open the floor to respond to any questions and comments from our audience members .

**As a special bonus, you’ll have an opportunity to spend one hour interacting and shopping with our hand selected specialty vendors such as Chicago-based Red Pearl Med Spa, Anointed Wives Ministry, Wife Kouture, also enjoy delicious smoothies made fresh and much more. We hope you can join us and we look forward to seeing you soon.**


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