Men Are Dumb … Women Are Stupid!

Men Are Dumb … Women Are Stupid!

Male&Female-SymbolSome say, “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus.” I say, “Men are Dumb … Women are Stupid!” I know right about now I’m being called everything but a “child of God” from both men and women. And, probably justly so. But hear me out. I’m not making assessments of intelligence of either sex. Rather, using a statement to illustrate the differences in the poor decisions/judgement we both use in similar situations.


Now remember, this does not apply to everyone. So, if I’m not speaking to you, “get your panties out of a bunch,” and stop being so sensitive. But, on the other hand. If you do recognize some of these “Dumbs” and “Stupids,” then you’re “Guilty as Charged.”


MAN: Believes he can secretly date 3 different women at the same school, job, club, church, skating rink, etc. and he won’t get busted. (DUMB!)

WOMEN: Believes that same man, after being busted, will stop dating all the other women and only be with her, because he said he would. (STUPID!)


MAN: Believes the women when she says she’s already on/using “protection,” and/or he is too lazy/irresponsible to get/use his own “protection.” (DUMB!)
WOMEN: Believes/hopes that getting pregnant by that same lazy/irresponsible man, will make their bond/love stronger. And, because of that, that man will stay with her, and they’ll be one happy family. (STUPID!)


MAN: Believes once he gets the girlfriend/wife, he doesn’t need to continue to do all the things he did to win her over. Things such as: keeping up the romance; keeping up his personal appearance (don’t get fat, don’t stop grooming or brushing your teeth, wear something besides gym shoes); taking a shower everyday, (not just in the summer when its super hot and sticky); holding his farts until she is a safe distance away. (DUMB!)
WOMAN: Believes that most other men, (especially that new dude who’s been sniffing around), won’t do the same once they’ve “Taken the car (women) around the block for a couple of spins.” (STUPID!)


Again, my intentions weren’t to berate anyone. Only to open possible “eyes wide shut,” and help avoid the pitfalls of “DUMB & STUPID.” If we truly strive to have healthy relationships/marriages, we need to first recognize our own shortcomings. Then work to grow and evolve to become better individuals. Thus, allowing us to obtain stronger, healthier and more fulfilling relationships/marriages.

So, I think we can all agree, “MEN are DUMB … and WOMEN are …
What? You thought I was going to say it again? “I may be DUMB … But, I’m not STUPID!”




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  1. Reply Nina Stewart

    Awesome blog Mr. Johnson. Wish it was longer, but I totally agree with you. Keep up the great work.

    1. Reply Self-Proclaimed Know-It-All

      Thx Nina. Maybe I’ll write a “Part 2” to this blog. Check back for updates.

  2. Reply Cathy

    Great points , left me wanting to hear a little more. I agree with your analogies and think you should write more to reach the masses!

    1. Reply Self-Proclaimed Know-It-All

      Thx Cathy. Didn’t want to be to wordy. But, I’ll definitely expound & write more in the future. Let me know if you have a particular subject in mind. Check back soon.

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