Okay Newlywed ladies, there’s no need to dress for the club to attract Mr. Right anymore. Now that you are a wife, you may want to reevaluate your style. I’m not saying that your sexy days are over (or that you need to dress like Susie Homemaker), but there are some changes that should be made out of respect for you self, your spouse, and your children. If there is time before the wedding get rid of the outfits that were worn when you were still dating. I know I still had a few things in my closet that I remember wearing on dates before I met my spouse, but I guess that all depends on how long you’ve been with your husband before you tied the knot. Ok, now that’s  been taking care of  so let’s start with “How” to dress around the house as a married woman.

Around The House
Before marriage we are always on point when we know our man is coming to visit, but once we get married we fall off a little. Our husbands should understand and know that it’s challenging to look like a Stepford wife 24/7. There’s no need to have your face made up all of the time because most men appreciate natural beauty. A fresh clean face, and adding a nude lip gloss, or lip balm would be nice and goes a long way in the beatification department . If you’re lounging for that day, then there’s no need to have on lingerie.  A nice workout outfit or cute leggings with  fitted tee shirts would be appropriate instead. Stains on your clothes from the dinner you made are NOT sexy, change that outfit. Make sure you don’t fall into the habit of having that lounging around look too often……… it’s good to be fully dressed and dolled out sporadically.
Going Out
Wives are a reflection of their husbands so it’s important to dress appropriately. There are ways to dress sexy, but retain class as a wife. There’s a scripture, “The Lord God made garments for Adam and his wife, and clothed them”. (Gen 3:7-21) I’ve been a witness to many married women that need to take heed to this scripture and cover their nakedness with modest garments. Clothes that display too much cleavage and are too revealing  can definitely attract the wrong attention. Even if you have your wedding ring on, the way that you dress and carry yourself can be a signal that you’re not happily married, and you’ll be willing to step out. Perception is everything so please always remember the take home message ….“The way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed.”
You could be the best dressed, and prettiest wife ever, but if your attitude is awful, your outfit and your looks means nothing to your husband if his blood boiling from anger. Don’t ruin your outfit by losing your composure in public, and reacting on impulse. Wait until you get behind closed doors to react to something that your husband may have said or did to offend you. This goes for husbands as well. Even if you feel like the most unattractive person in the room don’t shrink! Maintain your confidence by how you stand and walk. Your confidence and positive attitude will always keep your man’s blood pumping with pleasure.
You don’t have to please your husband in everything that you choose to wear, but aim for a balance between feminine modesty and excitement for your husband’s gaze. Husbands make sure your stlye reflects your wife’s style. If your wife is wearing a dress to party, don’t wear sweat pants.

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