You are the parent of a beautiful young lady and/or a son who has more personality than he knows what to do with. Many of us, like you, want our children to not only do well and be well, we also want them to become well-rounded individuals who are poised, polished, polite, and respectful of themselves while maintaing  compassion for others. We want to expose them to remarkable and valuable experiences where they will be able to recognize and respect other cultures that are different from their own as they develop their global and  cultural awareness in today’s society . This is the entire mission of having Afternoon Tea with Wife Kouture and Chicago Protocol and Etiquette Consulting (CPEC).


While Wife Kouture is branded for elegant, fun filled,  and educational events that leave all attendees with a valuable experience and  feeling inspired, CPEC is devoted to delivering the essentials of etiquette using an interactive approach with enthusiasm and an energy that is unmatched in this niche industry.  You and your teen(s) will not only learn the essentials of Afternoon Tea etiquette, you will also learn basic etiquette and manners as you enjoy an afternoon of a full service English Tea  prepared by one of our Chicago-based Iron Chefs inside of the newly renovated and elegantly decorated historic Renaissance Blackstone Hotel located in Chicago’s South Loop.


“Afternoon Tea” (dubbed “Low Tea)  and “High Tea” are consistently used interchangeably by Americans but they both have vastly different functions, serve two different purposes.  They also hold two different historical traditions. Historically Afternoon Tea was recognized only by the British Court, fashionable housewives, socialites, and ladies of leisure. It was used as social gathering that usually took place on “low tables” with formal chairs and consisted of crustless sandwiches, pastries,  and scones paired with jam and clotted cream.  It is typically served in the middle of the afternoon between 1pm and 4pm with the intent to prevent individuals from feeling hungry before a late dinner is served. Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, is credited for this English tradition. Today, Afternoon Tea is still shared among friends and loved ones and we’re finding that more men are partaking in this elegant English tradition. It has recently found it’s way into bridal showers and birthday celebrations. It is also used as a welcome break from an afternoon of shopping.


In contrast, “High Tea” was a British tradition recognized and practiced by laborers. It usually took place on “high tables” after a long day of labor and is still today accompanied by much heavier and hotter meals. High Tea normally consist of options like steak, salmon, potatoes, beans, and cakes and tea for dessert. High Tea is traditionally served after 5pm.


In conclusion, we now understand the distinct difference and benefit of the two traditions.  On Saturday, September 12th 2015 Wife Kouture and CPEC will use the Afternoon Tea dining experience to emphasize to our youth the importance of understanding and utilizing dining etiquette as many business and employment decisions are based on lunch or dinner interviews. We will also optimize this event by helping our youth develop and maintain a global brand for themselves as they leave a memorable footprint. It is equally important for them to appreciate that being courteous, respectful, graceful, and “world-rounded”  are notable characteristics that are shared among the best of our world leaders. These etiquette and “branding ” sessions will assist you in helping your children project their brand with greatness as you partake in an exquisite Iron Chef dining experience with Wife Kouture and CPEC at the charming Renaissance Blackstone Hotel. We hope you and your teens  can join us.



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    There are a lot of things we take for granted and etiquette is one of them. I never knew how much I didn’t know about drinking tea and proper etiquette. This was a fantastic event where you not only learned but had fun doing it. I could have went from high tea to dinner learning the proper ways to handle each occasion. Wife Kouture has a vision for helping women and their marriages and learning the things we take for granted. Thanks Wife Kouture.

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