Modern-Day Etiquette

Modern-Day Etiquette

Modern-day etiquette is all about exercising good manners. Etiquette is rooted around two principles: respect and consideration; respecting and caring for others just as they are and showing consideration by thinking about how your actions will affect others around you. Be aware and considerate of personal space- physical, visual and aural. Showing respect is a gift that cost nothing and is endlessly appreciated. These two principles are timeless and universal. The way people apply these principles of etiquette will change over time and from culture to culture but the principles will not. Being polite is not just for high society. It is needed everywhere, everyday! The general population have relaxed some rules of etiquette in this century; however, the golden rule of etiquette is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Making others feel at ease is the essence of etiquette, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
“Keep in mind that being rude
or unkind will never be in style.”
Generally, you should observe etiquette rules that value human beings and show courtesy. Civility builds character and self-esteem. It also creates a serene environment and shows regard for yourself and others.


Here are five common courtesies to start exercising good manners:
1. Speak softly.
2. Reply when someone speaks to you.
3. Always say “Please”, “Thank you”, and Excuse me”.
4. Give and receive compliments sincerely
5. Give people space- Do not crowd.
Good manners are contagious. Hopefully, yours will be pleasantly catching!

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