Marriage … What’s the point?

Marriage … What’s the point?

So many people are opting out of the marriage thing… Why?

His View
As we look around at marriage today and we witness so many divorces/separations, it makes one think twice about making that commitment. Truth of the matter is Men have many more choices available to them than women. As the old saying goes “why pay for the cow when you can get the milk free?”

A lot of women I speak to don’t even know their selfworth – they settle for the wrong guys that will bring no value to them whatsoever. Women, please know that you are priceless and are a treasure just as God designed you! If a man can’t recognize the precious diamond that you are let him play with glass and get cut.

A lot of single men I talk to don’t feel the need to commit, because they know they have more options available to them just in case it doesn’t work out. This way of thinking also causes some men not to try as hard to nurture and save their relationships. Men, please know that women are not to be played with- when you become a Man, you put away childish things!

Her View
We are living in a time where marriage of old is not honored, or deemed necessary. It is said to be, to much responsibility. Listed below are some of the reasons marriage is no longer a part of every girls happily ever after.

Why do I have to sacrifice my freedom and deal with someone else’s hang ups, emotional problems and sexual behavior.

Marriages become boring and functional, they lose the romance, and intimacy.

I’m not interested in constantly catering to someone else, can we get a maid.

There are no good men left these days, they are incarcerated, players, or have two many baby mamas.

The guys I meet are not on my financial or educational level.

I’ve tried the commitment thing, it doesn’t work.

He didn’t make me happy.

I don’t have time to date.

You don’t buy a house and not maintain it, you don’t buy a car and not keep it tuned up, so please don’t get in a relationship and not nurture it. The grass is always greener where you water it!

Hmm.. what do you think

Were any of these your reasons and then you changed your mind?

Marie Antoinette


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