Fashion Essentials For The Couple’s Getaway

Fashion Essentials For The Couple’s Getaway

FashionBlogPic450x400The weather is finally heating up, and after a long winter, it’s time to plan that perfect, couples getaway. You know where you’re going, How you’re getting there, and where you’re staying, but….What are you wearing? Well don’t stress, Im here to tell you what essentials you, and your partner need to take for that long awaited vacay.


To start, it’s ok to emulate your favorite celebrity couples to develop your swag. Google recent pictures of those hot couples and decide what looks you would like to model, or mimic of theirs.
Lets get to the essentials, we’re going to start bare!

1.) After showering or bathing use a body wash with an aroma that you’ve never used before, make sure you leave behind the bodywashes you used all winter smell different for your partner, this will be a turn on. In hot climates choose a body spray over perfume or cologne, body sprays are not as heavy, and they adjust better to your body chemistry in heat.

2.) Make sure you purchase all new underwear, you don’t want your spouse to see you in the same tighty whities you wear all the time, or a potential spouse to see you in dingy underwear, that may be considered a redflag.

3.) Beachwear is a no brainer, and it’s essential to have more than one pair of swim trunks, and a variety of swimsuits. Make sure they are appropriate fo your shape so try them on, and be honest with yourself. Ladies, don’t be afriad to put on some swank jewelry with your swimsuit, and a sexy kimono over it to add style.

4.) Most likely you will be spending lots of time on the beach so sun protection is a must have essential, so take sunglasses, sun hats, and sunscreen and keep them on during the times when the sun is the most vibrant.

5.) It’s important to maintain your figures so take your workout clothes, and take advantage of the resorts gym that you’re paying for. Workout gear is also essential for many outdoor activites like hiking, rock climbing, or a jog on the beach.

6.) Last but not least bring an array of colorful casual outfits, and a few evening outfits, again it doesnt hurt to emulate the styles of your favorite celebrities. Make sure you and your partner coordinate, but not too much you don’t want to look like you’re going to the prom.

Always remember, you and your partner are a reflection of each other, so if you look good they look good! Have a blast on your vacay and takes lots of pictures to show off those outfits!

Lynnell Lumpkins
Personal Stylist
Swank Itt Couture


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