Stop watching the clock!

Stop watching the clock!

When we’re young, most of us have a million requirements that we desire our potential mate should have in order to be the “perfect one”. Now let’s be real and not stay in fantasy land by saying there is nobody out there who is close to perfect that can fulfill every requirement on someone’s (mega) list. Younger individuals have the time and patience to wait for their requirement list to be satisfied so that makes their dating circle very large. As they get older that dating circle becomes smaller and that requirement list tends to shrink down to a manageable size.

A person can always decide on which requirements are not that important and the ones that are mandatory (which we call “non-negotiable”). A person should never change the items on their non-negotiable list because those are the things that an individual will not accept, or needs to have in order to be apart of a thriving and successful relationship. People should stop thinking about the “ticking clock” and focus on the quality, heart, mindset, and spirituality of an individual that they are considering for a potential mate. If both hearts and minds are in the right place then you will get back more than what you put in and that is real.


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