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Modern-Day Etiquette

Modern-day etiquette is all about exercising good manners. Etiquette is rooted around two principles: respect and consideration; respecting and caring for others just as they are and showing consideration by thinking about how your actions will affect others around you. Be aware and considerate of personal space- physical, visual and aural. Showing respect is a […]

White Diamond Afternoon Tea & Etiquette

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, September 12th, 2015Renaissance Blackstone Hotel’s Art Gallery Hallway636 S. Michigan Ave (entrance on East Balbo Avenue), Chicago, Il 6060511:45am-3:30pm WHY: Parents who desire their children to aspire for higher and develop their global awareness in today’s society while enhancing their overall brand,  please join us for our Annual Parent/Teen Posh White Diamond Afternoon Tea […]

Put This In Your Grill and SMOKE IT!

We are kicking off Father’s Day and to me nothing celebrates the more than a good hot grill. A nice start to your journey of becoming your family’s pit master is learning how to smoke food on your grill. Choosing the right type of smoking wood is an important decision you make each time you […]

Marriage: DON’T DO IT!

Summer is here, at least for most of the country, us Chicagoans anxiously awaiting July and August, our only two truly warm months. But I digress, and that’s another blog. Let me get back on point. Summer is here, and with it, “Summer Love” and “Summer Weddings” abound. And for all those considering jumping the […]

A Conversation with a Married Man’s Mistress

“Let me make it real clear: Valentine’s Day was celebrated on the 13th of February (for me and my ex married man!!)”…and I was very clear on that! Recently with all the talk and interested there’s been lately regarding “mistresses” and our fascination with these women, I had a conversation with one of my female […]

Stop watching the clock!

When we’re young, most of us have a million requirements that we desire our potential mate should have in order to be the “perfect one”. Now let’s be real and not stay in fantasy land by saying there is nobody out there who is close to perfect that can fulfill every requirement on someone’s (mega) […]

Fashion Essentials For The Couple’s Getaway

The weather is finally heating up, and after a long winter, it’s time to plan that perfect, couples getaway. You know where you’re going, How you’re getting there, and where you’re staying, but….What are you wearing? Well don’t stress, Im here to tell you what essentials you, and your partner need to take for that […]

Marriage … What’s the point?

So many people are opting out of the marriage thing… Why? His View As we look around at marriage today and we witness so many divorces/separations, it makes one think twice about making that commitment. Truth of the matter is Men have many more choices available to them than women. As the old saying goes […]

Five Essentials for a Well-Balanced Life

The desire to have a well-balanced and successful life is the norm for most people. We are continually searching for a manageable routine to handle our jobs, and home life. This search leads us to time management, the essential key to achieving those norms. Finding the time to satisfy important deadlines at work, run our […]